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Welcome Message by The Principal


Welcome Parents!

Being a child is the best time ever to learn, create and experience from the surroundings and people closest to a child. How does a child look at the world? Is freedom of choice given to a child? Can reading be effortless for a child? Would a child be made to feel happy and to express themselves in school?

Dr Maria Montessori is the founder of the Montessori methodology. She was the first woman doctor in Rome. Her method encourages a child to learn through concrete materials before the abstract. A very wide scope of topics are covered in the Montessori environment - Sensorial Education, Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Zoology, Botany, Cultural and Environmental Studies, Music and Movement and Art. One of Maria's first influence was French physician Edouard Seguin and hence later, Montessori Mathematics materials evolved. Her scientific observations on children led to many materials being made. Every piece of Montessori equipment and material are not made by chance.

The school has a prepared environment which is carefully prepared by the class directress to allow independent learning. Each child must be treated with respect and love. The prepared environment should help bring out the best in every child's aspect of development thus helping to "normalise" children along the way.

"Montessori teachers must help the child to act for himself, will for himself and think for himself" -- "Education for a new world"

Jade Lim

Welcome Message By The Principal
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