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Learning Street Education Centre Sdn Bhd (LSEC), incorporated in early 2003, is an educational centre comprising of a team of people with a passion for children's education. Currently, the main objective of the centre is rendering its educational services to children thus leading to the opening of Creative Hive Kindergarten (Montessori), also known as Tadika Sarang Kreatif (Montessori).

Creative Hive Kindergarten (Montessori) is a licensed kindergarten and has obtained approval from Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor (JPS) & Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).

Creative Hive Kindergarten (Montessori) wants to provide a cohesive pre-school education to a generation that is growing fast in knowledge, science and wonders. However, it also wants to preserve the virtues of each individual, thus being assured that we have imparted well and done our part in creating a successful and caring nation.

The Kindergarten's curriculum is in accordance with the National Pre-School Standard Curriculum (Kurikulum Standard Pra-Sekolah Kebangsaan) which uses the integrated approach. The other methods that we adopt into our programme are the Montessori method, thematic approach and other well-researched methods hence providing children with a wider opportunity to acquire knowledge, basic life skills and a healthy outlook.

The Kindergarten recognises the fact that parents play a primary role in intellectual, social and emotional growth of their children. Therefore, it is through a mutually collaborative effort between parents and teachers that will help children reach their fullest potential and bring out the best in them. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children's education and to build a rapport with the teachers in order to monitor their children's progress and milestones.

Together, we can ensure that your child will gain a solid foundation needed before he or she begins formal education.

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