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Cognitive Development

Mathematics and Science are subjects that are often presented to children in such an abstract way. This is also often the reason why children have difficulty in grasping these subjects. Concrete experience is essential hence the use of manipulative material is necessary in order to develop children’s scientific and mathematical conception.

Understanding the areas of scientific and mathematical concepts can only happen when children have opportunities to explore through hands-on activities.

These hands-on activities in our kindergarten can be divided into several sections:

Matching using Colour Box 1 and Colour Box 2 , pairing cards


Sorting using “dinosaur counters”, different types of beans


Counting with counters, improvised Golden Beads material -  Orange Cubes material, Spindles


Classifying animal species according to mammals, reptilians, insects and etc.


Measuring weight, height, length


Solving problems of interest to the child


Exploring, questioning, observing, predicting, discussing the world around him (living things, colour, shape, size, texture etc.)

Developing number concepts (quantities)

Recognising numerals using Sandpaper Numerals

Developing Visual and Spatial discrimination of dimensions with Knobbed Cylinders (Montessori Sensorial Materials)

Having knowledge of time intervals with the activities of time line and using the “learning clock”



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