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1 Is your kindergarten licensed and registered with local district education department?
Yes. We have registered with Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor (JPS) and have obtained approval from both JPS and Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).
2 What ages do you take?
We enrol children from 3 to 6 years old.
\3 Are you a Montessori kindergarten?
4 What do I need to bring for registering my child?
Please bring photostated copies of parents’ IC & child’s birth cert, 2 passport size photos of your child & immunisation records.
5 What are the important aspects to look for when choosing a kindergarten?
A) The teaching equipment and materials
B) The environment
C) The people behind it

Equipment and materials

Make sure the play equipment used is child proof and safe for the children.
If computer is available, make sure the monitor is placed at least 20 inches away from where your child is seated.
Make sure the teaching materials are sufficient and in good condition.
It is crucial to find a kindergarten with a good environment for your child to grow in. Other aspects to observe are:
Make sure a proper teacher to student ratio is maintained. Normally it is around 1:16 as most conducive.
Make sure the room has adequate space for children to be mobile.
Make sure outdoor play equipment is available.
Make sure it is a kindergarten setup and not a childcare setup. Certainly in a kindergarten setting, the advantage is the teacher is able to conduct a class without much disturbance compared to a childcare setting as there will be babies or younger children crying which could then disrupt an ongoing lesson in a class. Younger children and babies need more attention, minding and care.


It is important to find a kindergarten where the principal or the person in charge can be contacted easily and not leave the teachers to manage on their own.
Always take note whether the kindergarten hires qualified teachers. It is important to have pro-active and well trained teachers to teach and mind the children. Never compromise on this issue of WHO is teaching, nurturing and minding your child.
Lastly, in order for children to be proficient in their language skills thus having good grammar & a wide vocabulary, only well-trained teachers can be able to deliver that to your child.
6 You have mentioned all the important aspects and values in a kindergarten. Do you provide all these as mentioned above?
Yes. We do take serious consideration in your child’s welfare when he or she is entrusted to us. Early Childhood Education should not be compromised at any point as this will shape your child’s learning for life. We will monitor our programme from time to time to keep abreast with what is ahead. Lastly, we reassure you that your child is in safe hands in our fun, exciting and unique environment.

Please drop by and have a look at our unique environment, look at the equipment, check out the syllabus we have to offer, and have a chat with the person in charge and you will not be disappointed. Give us a call at (03) 51213031.

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