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Health, Safety & Nutrition: An Interdependent Relationship

Safety Management

Creative Hive Kindergarten (Montessori) believes in maintaining a safe environment for children to develop in. To avoid accidents and injuries, we have developed a programme called Safety Education (a.k.a Safety Training) that trains children informally about safe behaviours and safe practices. They are also prepared to cope with emergencies.

We ensure that all our equipments and toys are child safe and child proof. Besides having a well prepared environment for learning, it also provides a sensitive combination of care and play in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Creative Hive also recognises the significance of the following three factors involving child development:

Children's health and well-being
A safe, yet challenging learning environment
Proper nutrition
These three factors affect the optimal physical & cognitive development of each child.

Safety Education Programme

Children will be guided on safety measures to be taken in different situations:

Playground safety
Safety in the community
Fire safety
Safety at home
Appropriate behaviours in classroom

Nutrition & Health Education Programme

Children will learn how to:

Wash hands before & after eating
Recognise nutritious food & junk food
Recognise different groups of food (using the "Food Pyramid")
Prepare a nutritious snack
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