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Montessori Method

The Montessori method and principles are integrated into our programme to further help the child in attaining his or her maximum potential in all aspects of development.

The Montessori method is a method that is widely accepted worldwide and the carefully designed Montessori apparatus are not made by chance, but has been created by Maria Montessori after she made detailed observations on children.

The Montessori environment provides:

Simple & interesting apparatus.
Only one example of each piece of apparatus is displayed.
Neutral background.
Orderly arrangement.

The benefits of using the Montessori method 

Each apparatus has a control of error so that the child can correct his own mistakes. This promotes "auto-education" which is much more effective than being taught by another person.
The "Three Period Lesson" is used because it is very simple and very clear for the child. The child will not be asked to name the object until the teacher is sure the child can recognise it.
There is a work cycle which a child has to follow through. The child needs to be structured to achieve concentration.


Montessori Method
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Cognitive Development
Moral Education
Social & Emotional Development
Physical Development
Creativity & Aesthetic Development
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