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Moral Education

To ensure that kindergarten students are getting a well-rounded programme, this part of the education should not be excluded in their daily activities. It is not a subject to be taught in isolation but rather allowing first an experience to take place, for an example by having a garden and then discussing with them all the values formed from the experience. Children are given the responsibility to plant, water and weed the garden.

Values that kindergarten students can learn from this gardening experience are:

they have a sense of  self-worth as they go about their duties

they learn to co-operate and take turns in doing their duties  
they  will experience joy and satisfaction when the garden bears fruit  
they are able to achieve something good at the end of the day with perseverance and patience   
they realise that no work is easy and everything takes time as a process has to follow before anything bears fruit  

work can be done faster when they work as a team


This Moral Education curriculum also covers on the aspects of learning about ones’ own country Malaysia, the different values in a multi-racial community, ones’ self in a family unit, ones’ self in the society and one’s self with the environment / country.

There will be activities done from a series of workbooks by Longman on the said above aspects.


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