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Social & Emotional Development

These two areas are often overlooked by educators sad to say, due to the demands of achieving academic excellence in their students. All kindergarten students should be given opportunities to:

play collectively and co-operatively as a team
share, being able to give permission readily to others to use materials in his / her possession and also in return, to ask permission  to use materials in others’ possession
listen and voice opinions without interrupting, awaiting for his or her turn to be heard
be able to respect the rights of others without seeking only to one’s own share of attention
be able to enjoy others and can accommodate others in a game or a conversation
be able to work without intruding or disturbing others around him / her  who are absorbed in their work
be able to co-operate, respect and accept authority of teachers without resentment
recognise that there are limits and ground rules which are deemed necessary for learning self-control and self-discipline
understand that following rules of desirable behaviors are basic to a healthy, successful and courteous society
be able to offer help to others even  to the point of  having to stop his / her own activity
be confidently happy and proud with whatever his / her own work
be secure and readily accept his / her mistakes or unsuccessful attempts in an activity
always have a positive outlook


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